The scaffolding is finally off the New York Studio School at 8-12 West 8th St., a stop on the Save the Village tour. The building was the original home of the Whitney Museum, which opened at that location in 1931. The museum came into being when the Metropolitan Museum of Art rejected Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney’s gift of over 500 modern paintings. So she opened up her own museum. It is now regarded as one of the finest on the planet and is housed in a magnificent new space on Gansevoort Street after years on the Upper East Side. It left 8th St. in 1954.

Anyway, the point here is that for the first time in decades, the carved stone name of the museum is visible above the main doorway to the building.  

Or at least it will be temporarily. The school will cover it up again soon with its own signage.

But we snapped a photo of the uncovered doorway. It looks fantastic. You'd think the school would want to keep it visible; it is an extraordinary and unique link to art history. Can't they put their name off to the side, or above it. Or both if they think someone will mistake it for the Whitney Museum.

It remains impossible to fathom why everyone doesn't think like we do. Such a mystery.