Newland Archer, out of character

 Newland Archer, out of character

  A Save the Village tour-goer started talking to a passing fellow as he waited for The Beats and Bob Dylan tour to start on Tuesday, near the corner of MacDougal Alley and MacDougal Street. Finally the tour-goer said to the fellow, "You look an awful lot like Daniel Day-Lewis." Seems it was.

  Lewis was heading to Washington Square Park to enjoy the warm afternoon, where the tour group passed him as he lazed on a bench. Lewis nodded hello, and the group continued on its way.

  He is often seen out and about downtown. He and his wife, filmmaker Rebecca Miller (progeny of playwright Arthur Miller and Magnum photographer Inge Morath) live on West 10th St., a few blocks from Miller's college roommate, feminist author Naomi Wolf.

  Twice lately the tour crossed paths with croc-clad Babbo chef Mario Battali, tapped by the Obamas to cater their last state dinner.

  Just part of the fabric of the greatest neighborhood on earth.