Another surprise while out on a Save the Village tour last week.

The group was in front of the Judson Church on Washington Square South, inarguably the most famous and least appreciated or acknowledged icon of the 1960s.

We were discussing the above photo, "Poet Peter Orlovsky, dressed in underwear and eyeglasses, reads from his collection 'Clean Asshole Poems' under a giant wooden cross at Judson Memorial Church, December 6, 1964. Among those on stage behind him are his longtime companion Allen Ginsberg (second from right) and Gregory Corso (R). The Judson hosted early performances and exhibitions by unknowns like Merce Cunningham, Claes Oldenberg, Yoko Ono, Lucinda Childs, Red Grooms, Jim Dine, Tricia Brown and Robert Rauschenberg. (Photo © Estate of Fred W. McDarrah)"

The woman photographed below walks up to listen.

Turns out she was The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, who now leads the Judson. She graciously invited the group inside, and offered far more history than a tour guide ever could. It is a rich and fascinating history.

And it was a better and far more educational, entertaining and enlightening treat than last week's tour interaction with Daniel Day-Lewis, which wasn't bad at all.

Only in Greenwich Village. Only on a Save the Village tour.

The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper of The Judson.

The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper of The Judson.