Promoter Bill Graham under Fillmore East marquee, May 11,1968. Photo  © 2016 Estate of Fred W. McDarrah

 Promoter Bill Graham under Fillmore East marquee, May 11,1968. Photo © 2016 Estate of Fred W. McDarrah


  Bill Graham knew what time it was.

 The rock impresario wore one watch with Fillmore East time, and one with Fillmore West time.

  Now it's time for new East Village walking tours.

  If Greenwich Village is the historic home of the counterculture, then the East Village is legendary for its off-the-counter culture. 

  The East Village: home to Lady Gaga, Leon Trotsky, W.H. Auden, Lenny Bruce, Alan Cumming, Keith Haring, Abbie Hoffman, the Ramones, Madonna, David Schwimmer and CBGB.

Learn about the history of Tompkins Square Park and the annual Howl! Festival (named for local resident Allen Ginsberg). See examples of the immigrant waves that came through the neighborhood. Find out what thrift store Andy Warhol frequented and where to get the best egg creams. (And find out what an egg cream is if you don't already know.)

  All of it was captured by 50-year Village Voice photographer Fred W. McDarrah who uniquely documented New York in the 1960s. Each walker gets a keepsake multi-postcard set of classic McDarrah images and the tours go to the same locations to see how they have changed, how they are the same, and to hear the stories behind the famous photos. 

The East Village tour runs every Saturday at 3 pm, and is one of four walking tours based on McDarrah's famous photographs. Others include Save the Village, The Artist's World and The Beats and Bob (Dylan). Learn more and book a New York Times-recommended tour today at