Oscar Wilde Bookshop founder Craig Rodwell, October 14, 1969. (Photo by Fred W. McDarrah)

Oscar Wilde Bookshop founder Craig Rodwell, October 14, 1969. (Photo by Fred W. McDarrah)

Save the Village Tours, Greenwich Village walking tours based on the iconic photos of original Village Voice photographer Fred W. McDarrah, is proud to add Stonewall and Gay Greenwich Village to its permanent tour lineup.

The Stonewall tour was first conducted in June 2017 for Gay Pride Month, and proved to be such a success that it will become the first and only regularly scheduled, guided and illustrated walking tour on the Village's LGBTQ history.

As the photographer for the Village Voice, the only (somewhat) mainstream media outlet on Earth paying serious and respectful attention to gay issues and events in the 1960s and 1970s, Fred W. McDarrah amassed what is generally regarded as the largest collection of gay-themed documentary photos taken by one individual, ever. Stops on the tour range from Eleanor Roosevelt's residence to the dance club where the first mirrored glitter ball is said to have hung from the ceiling.

McDarrah images have become the signature photos of what is now inclusively referred to as LGBTQ+ history; his photos were featured by the Barack Obama White House in the video announcing the Stonewall National Monument in 2016 (https://youtu.be/ywtvJyXDWkk), hang in the National Portrait Gallery and are in hundreds of public and private collections.

As with all Save The Village tours, which include The Beats and Bob Dylan, The East Village, The Artist's World and Save the Village, with the Stonewall tour every ticket includes a free keepsake postcard packet of photos, many of which are sure to be viewed and displayed worldwide as Stonewall 50 approaches in June 2019.

Scheduled tours start November 8 and continue every Wednesday at 11 am. Private and group tours are available.