The two fellows with baseball caps and red footwear on the left side of the frame are well known to Save the Village tour guests; they offer folks marijuana regularly. This morning as I passed them, alone, they offered me some too. (I declined.)

When I saw two of New York's Finest and two Park Rangers approaching, I stopped and turned around, wondering how they'd react - both the cops and drug dealers.

But no one even broke stride.

The street entrepreneurs continued to shout out to passersby that they had killer weed, and the uniformed personnel, well within earshot of the dealers, could not have cared less about the sales going on right in their path. They just kept on going, smiling and laughing.

I guess it is official! Washington Square Park has gone to Pot!

So, our friends at The Village Alliance and Washington Square Park Conservancy and New York University can officially stop asking the 6th precinct what they are doing to combat drug sales near the playgrounds. Obviously, they have given up.

That said, everyone should still come on a Save the Village tour! Interesting, informative, amusing, good exercise and who knows what you will see!