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Preserve the Artists Club!

Preserve the Artists Club!

 Fred W. McDarrah images are everywhere. Here are two that are part of the ongoing Activism show at the Museum of the City of New York.

And bang the drum slowly for one of the key locales of the Artists walking tour, and the New York School and Abstract Expressionist movement: the famous Artists Club.

According to our friends at EVGrieve, condos are in the works for the corner of 10th St. and 4th Ave., the corner that hosted the greatest incarnation of the famous gathering spot for artists.

You can read more about The Club in the Artists Tour web page.

Willem deKooning, the older white haired fellow on the background photo of the Tours page (on the stoop of the New York Hotel Employment Agency) lived and worked down the block from the club at 88 East 10th in the early 1950s. He had moved from just around the corner at 85 Fourth Avenue. By 1960 he had sold a few pictures and rented a studio space at 831 Broadway (located across the street and just south of the Regal 14 Union Square cinema; an apartment that was later carved out of deKooning's space recently rented for $8900 per month). In 1963, DeKooning decamped for Springs, a budding artist's community in East Hampton, where he lived and work until he died in 1997.