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Tangled up in Admiration

  Congratulations to the winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature, Bob Dylan.

  Here is a vintage Fred W. McDarrah image of Bob, standing in Sheridan Square, outside the offices of the Village Voice, on January 22, 1965.

  The Save the Village: The Beats and Bob Dylan tour goes by this locale, and features several classic Dylan photos. 

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Sheridan Sq-Where?

   A statue honoring Civil War Gen. Sheridan (photo above) is located in Christopher Park (photo below), not Sheridan Square, which is located nearby.  Typical Village street confusion.

  The Yellowstone Park advocate, and one time NRA president incidentally has no connection to the Village. He claimed in his memoirs that he was born in Albany, but other possibilities that have been cited and documented are Somerset, Ohio (where he grew up); Boston; and onboard a ship sailing to New York from Ireland. One biographer points out that Sheridan harbored presidential ambitions from an early age and could have deliberately claimed a U.S. birthplace to retain eligibility for the office.

  Sheridan and his wife moved to Washington, D.C. in 1872. They lived in a house given to them by Chicago citizens in appreciation for Sheridan's protection of the city after the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

  Popular culture correctly credits Sheridan with saying "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." He was appointed by President Grant to lord over the Great Plains after the Civil War.

  His burial at Arlington National Cemetery in 1888 helped elevate Arlington to national prominence.

Groupon, poo-pon

Bob Dylan in Christoper Park, Sheridan Square, January 22, 1965

Bob Dylan in Christoper Park, Sheridan Square, January 22, 1965

Nice photo, right?

Not according to Groupon.


Hi Timothy,

Thanks for procuring and attaching this photo for your deal, we really appreciate it. However, we're not able to use it. From a design perspective we're trying to strike a balance between images that accurately depict the customer experience and high-quality, professional photography with sharp focus and eye-catching colors. The image you attached just didn't meet our quality standards, but feel free to send us another image that meets the requirements.


Wow. Not up to their quality standards. And they prefer color and not black and white.  Of course they only consider high quality professional photography, and in focus. Same reply for several other images submitted. 

Vintage Fred W. McDarrah prints can sell for $10,000, and are in the collections of MoMA, the Whitney and on the walls of the Pompidou, Pace Gallery, etc. But that's apparently not enough for the good folks that get you discounts on all you can eat sushi.

Still trying to work with them to get the tours on Groupon. An education for all involved.